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Personalise Review Request email templates

If you only have time to customise one item in HelpfulCrowd, it should be the review request email templates

The templates contain a number of different configurable features and settings that allow you to customise and personalise you own message, which has been proven to significantly increase the number of reviews collected. 

Your customers have busy lives just like you, so best practice is to keep it short with a direct call to action. 

Review request emails work like this:

Customer places an order
First review email request is sent based on customisable variables - customisable number of day after a selectable trigger event
If the reminder review request email template is enabled, a follow-up email is sent customisable number of days after the first request is sent if unreviewed items remain on the order

Note: only those items which remain unreviewed will be sent on the reminder email. If all items on the order have been reviewed before the reminder email date, the reminder email will NOT be sent.

Review Request Email Template Setup steps

Goto Collection > Email templates
Select and expand the specific Review Request email template you wish to customise - first or reminder
Edit template
Refresh preview window
Save when happy!

Pro Tip: To increase the number of reviews collected and also create repeat business add an 'incentive' message (like that in the text below) in the review request. Then send the reward in the form of a static coupon using the Thank-you email feature.

Screenshot: Key elements in first review email template

All HelpfulCrowd email templates use a similar structure with similar placeholders, so once you've mastered review request emails templates you can continue and personalise other email templates including Q&A email templates.

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Updated on: 27/07/2022

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