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Installing HelpfulCrowd: Shopify

Installing app

Go to and click Add App.

Great! At this point HelpfulCrowd is installed on your store and your next customer can already leave a review.

Adding snippets to theme

Like many similar apps, HelpfulCrowd needs to add files and code to your store theme so that our app provides best experience for you and your customers. 

i) If your reviews aren't showing up on your site, it's probably because the snippets have not been added to your theme.
ii)  If you change themes, we'll automatically try to inject the widgets again but they may need to be added manually as the snippets are only added to the current theme.

Automatic installation - troubleshooting

We try to do some heavy lifting for you with our automatic installer.

 If your theme is modified or a paid theme, then we may not be able to automatically inject our code. In this case, then you can either:

Provide staff access to the email account
Attempt to add the widget snippets manually.

Adding snippets manually

Goto Settings > Widgets
Identify the missing widget
Copy the 'Shopify' embed code
Paste it into the correct theme file and location

To do that you will now need to open your theme editor in your Shopify Dashboard. This is found under Online Store > Themes | Actions > Edit Code

Pro tip: Open theme editor in a new browser tab to simplify copying & pasting and also open your Storefront in a new browser tab so you can see the changes.

Now that you are in theme editor, it's time to add our code to your theme according to the instructions provided in the setup guide or for each widget under Settings > Widgets. All snippets, Product Summary / Product Tabs / Product Rating and Optional Widgets, need to be inserted into different files and specific locations in those files to display correct (or at all!) 

We have done our best to make everything as automated as possible, but because every theme developer creates different themes and uses different techniques on how they build their themes, we cannot advise on which files the snippets need to be inserted into and which location. 

If you are uncomfortable or not sure about how to edit your theme, then either reach out to the theme developer, your Shopify expert or us to lend a hand!

A few things to keep in mind

Product Rating widget will be hidden until you receive and publish your first review.
If you switch or change your theme, then we will try to inject the theme again, but you may need to add the HelpfulCrowd code snippets again, as they are only added to a current theme

Updated on: 08/03/2021

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