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Overview: Squarespace + HelpfulCrowd

Squarespace is a well renowned as being one of the best, easiest and most beautiful web publishing platforms available.

Whether you have a Squarespace eCommerce store or just a business site, HelpfulCrowd makes it super simple and easy for every Squarespace merchant to start collecting authentic customer reviews - onsite and post purchase. 

We've pulled together some FAQ's to address the most common questions.

1. Is it easy to install HelpfulCrowd?

Yes! Just like Squarespace, we've made everything super easy and simple.

Start collecting reviews in 3 easy steps: 

Signup with HelpfulCrowd
Connect Squarespace and HelpfulCrowd together
Paste one snippet into your Squarespace store head section

3. How do HelpfulCrowd plans work?

To start off, there's a free, no obligation 14 day free trial.

After this, you only pay for the features that you need according to the plans. That's it!

So in summary: 

You get all of our features, regardless of how many products you want to collect reviews for
You get unlimited review requests

4. How do customers and visitors leave reviews and what else can they do?

Customers who have placed an order will receive an email asking them to leave a review. When submitted, these reviews will be shown on your storefront with a verified buyer badge - immediately building trust, credibility to drive more sales.
Anyone can leave storefront review.s These will be unverified unless we can link an open review request for the same customer and product. Note: Storefront reviews can also be disabled if they are not wanted.
Customers and visitors can ask specific questions about products. We notify you by email when a question is asked so that you can respond.
Any site visitor can view reviews and Q&A and even vote for them.

5.  How can I showoff my reviews?

There are 6+ different widgets that can be used to show off your best reviews and Q&A everywhere. We automatically inject 4 default widgets to your store theme on install. Others can be added manually after install. 

We also markup all reviews using rich snippets as standard, making it easier for search engines like Google to understand and index your site increasing the probability of review rating stars showing up in Google search results.

1. Product summary widget (injected automatically)
Appears on the product page, usually below the product name.

2. Product tab widget (injected automatically)
Appears on the product page, usually below product description/recommended products. 

The Product tab is customizable to style and hide and show different elements including review rating and chart, customer media gallery, search & sort fields.

3. Product Rating (listing) widget (injected automatically)
Appears on the product listing page and displays a summary rating under each product. 

There are currently two different formats - summary (as shown below) or detailed (5 star placeholders, rating and review count)

4. Sidebar widget (injected automatically)
Discretely located on the left or right margin of your site to provide visitors access to any review, anywhere on your site.

5. Optional widgets

Review Journal - a full page widget to show off all reviews on a dedicated page
Review Slider -  a review carousel for placement on homepage
Facebook Product Review tab - to show off your site reviews on your Facebook page

6. Can I customize the way the widgets looks and features?

Yes. HelpfulCrowd adopts your site theme style, meaning our widgets will look like they are part of your site theme, and not a third party plugin.

In addition to this, we also provide you with a number number of different global and specific widget customization options. This provides you with complete flexibility to either have fully featured or minimalist looking widgets. 

There are too many to list here, but here's some of the more popular ones with our clients. 

Global Design Styles

Media layout - Hero, Featured or Grid
Theme - Light or Dark
Layout - Column or Masonry
Corners - Square or Rounded
Shadows - Drop shadows or none

Product Tabs

Tab headings -  Modern or Classic
Rating and Chart - Hide or Show
Customer Recommended - Hide or Show
Customer Media Gallery - Hide or Show
Storefront Reviews - Enabled or Disabled
Search and Sort filters - Hide or Show

For advanced users, HelpfulCrowd also has a Custom CSS feature as standard, so you can stylize to your exact requirements if we don't provide a control or feature out of the box.

7. Do I need a specific Squarespace plan to be able to use HelpfulCrowd?

No, but we do recommend subscribing to the Squarespace Advanced Commerce plan.  This plan provides API access which we use to simplify and automate the review collection process. For the minimal cost and the other benefits you get with this plan, it gives you time back to focus on other important aspects of  your business.

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Updated on: 24/05/2022

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