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Installing HelpfulCrowd: Squarespace

We'll show you how to get setup and running on HelpfulCrowd in 3 simple steps:

Signup for HelpfulCrowd
Connect Squarespace to HelpfulCrowd
Finish by just adding two (2) scripts to your Squarespace site

If  you plan on using HelpfulCrowd to automatically collect reviews after a customer purchase from your Squarespace powered Commerce store, we strongly recommend that you are on the Squarespace Advance Commerce

The following guide assumes that you are subscribed to the Squarespace Advance Commerce plan.

1. Signup for HelpfulCrowd

Go to to our signup page at and signup with email.
After filling in the fields click on the Sign up with email button.

2.Connect Squarespace to HelpfulCrowd

After signing up you will see the following screen.
Click on the button Connect with Squarespace.

After clicking on Connect with Squarespace, you should be taken to the following screen, the HelpfulCrowd connecting portal.

Before proceeding, please ensure that your Squarespace store is:

Visible to the PUBLIC.

You now need to login to your Squarespace site

Keep the HelpfulCrowd connection portal screen tab open and open a new tab in your browser or a new browser window.
Log into your Squarespace account and then open Squarespace site that you want to connect to HelpfulCrowd.
After selecting your site, you should see your Squarespace site administration menu page, similar to the page below.

We're now going to get the URL for your store to paste into the HelpfulCrowd connect screen. 

Go to Settings > Domains

The Built-in Domain is the URL that we use in the HelpfulCrowd connection portal field.

Note: it needs be the correct prefix and format. So a quick tip is to look at your browser URL and just copy > paste the URL from the start (http/https) to the end to the, similar to the example below.

Head back over to the HelpfulCrowd page and paste this into the URL field in the HelpfulCrowd connection portal
Click Connect

Congratulations! your Squarespace site is now connected to HelpfulCrowd.

We are now just only one step away from automatically importing all your products and new orders when received in your store.

3. Add a script to your Squarespace site

Now that Squarespace and HelpfulCrowd are connected, we just need to add a script to your Squarespace site. This script allow us to do all the heavy lifting for you and allow us to automatically add our 4 default display widgets snippets into your site pages.

Are you ready? Let's do this!

 After connecting, you should automatically be taken to the HelpfulCrowd setup guide shown below.

No problem, if not, you can easily get it by going to Display

We now want to click on the option step Widget Script, which should open a page similar to below.

We're now going to copy the script and paste into the head of the all your Squarespace site pages.

Hover over the script and you should see a Click to copy popup.
Click on this.

You're getting the hang of this by now we're sure, so we'll just give you the main navigation steps. 

Head back over to your Squarespace Admin panel.
From your main site admin page, go to Website > Pages > Website Tools > Code injection
Paste the script in to the HEADER section

You're all done!

We'll now start automatically importing your products in the background.

You can now continue with finishing setting up HelpfulCrowd, customizing email templates, email triggers and even importing historic orders.

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Updated on: 05/06/2024

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