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Installing HelpfulCrowd

If your website is based on one of following platforms, check out our dedicated install guide:


Otherwise, keep reading this article to learn how to install HelpfulCrowd on any website.

Sign up for HelpfulCrowd

Go to Fill out the registration form and click Sign up with email button. If you have already created your account, sign in with your email and password instead.

Connect custom website

Once you sign in to your HelpfulCrowd account, you will see following screen:

Click Connect with custom website. To connect your HelpfulCrowd account with your website, you will need to provide following information:

Store name

Fill out the form and click Connect. This will complete creating your HelpfulCrowd account and you will be sent to our setup guide page. We recommend checking out all the steps to make most out of our app. In this article we will only cover the ones that are required for HelpfulCrowd to function properly.

Import products

Next you need to add your products to HelpfulCrowd. If you have only a handful of products, you can add them directly from our interface, however with a larger product catalog, you may prefer to upload products with a CSV file to save time.

Embed widgets

Next step is to embed HelpfulCrowd widgets on your website. This is done from Display > Widgets

To embed a widget, reveal the details and switch to Embed on web tab:

{PRODUCT_ID}  in wrapper div snippet is a dynamic value and should be replaced with the unique identifier for current product.

Repeat this step for each widget you wish to embed on your site. We recommend starting with our main widgets: Product Tabs, Product Summary and Product Rating.

Start sending review requests

After completing all the above steps, you are ready to start sending out review requests for your orders and any reviews written by your customers will appear on your site.

Updated on: 27/07/2022

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