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Import past (historic) online orders

You can immediately send review requests for past orders after connecting to your eCommerce platform.

How to Import past Online Orders

In the HelpfulCrowd App Go to Tools > Data Import
Select From and To date ranges - see note below
Click Import orders

Screenshot: Past online order import

After clicking import, HelpfulCrowd will automatically pull the order information for the selected date range and create review requests and schedule them based on the Review email request days and trigger events.

Note: If another review app was installed before HelpfulCrowd, first check the last order date that review requests were sent by the previous platform. When selecting the From date, ensure that it does not overlap the period your previous review app was sending review requests. This will reduce the likely hood that customers are sent multiple review requests from different platforms.

We only allow the automatic import of historic online orders going back 6 months and up to a maximum number of 500 orders. If you wish to import either more or older orders please get in touch with us to discuss. 

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Updated on: 27/07/2022

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