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CSV Uploading Products to HelpfulCrowd

This feature is only available to accounts created as custom websites

Go to product catalog page in HelpfulCrowd control panel and click Upload products button:

This will open file upload page, where you can feed your product catalog as a CSV file. 

The CSV file has to be in specific format. Follow these steps to prepare it:

Create a spreadsheet with your current product catalog. On many e-commerce platforms, this can be done with an export feature
Download our product catalog template in CSV format
Open both files in a spreadsheet editor program like Google Sheets (recommended) or Microsoft Excel
Copy data from your exported file to our template. Chances are your export file will have more information but we only need ID, name, URL, and an image URL. Read more about product fields here
Save the updated template in CSV format. Make sure it is valid CSV file, with values separated by commas and with UTF-8 encoding
Click Choose file and located your newly updated CSV file
Click Upload

Subsequent uploads of new product images or titles will overwrite and update the previous details for that unique product ID.

Learn how to create product record directly in our app instead.

Updated on: 27/07/2022

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