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Adding Optional Display Widgets

HelpfulCrowd has more than 7 different display widgets including a review tab for Facebook.

The base installation of HelpfulCrowd installs 3 core display widgets:

Product summary rating - below the product title
Main widget - either a combined product tabbed Review | Q&A widget, or  separate Review and Q&A widgets
Category (Product Listing) widget - displayed on catalog pages and only shows if there is a published review

Additional widgets can be added to your business webpages and other services like Facebook to further extend reach and create multiple social proof touch points, before and during the customer research and purchase process. 

Additional optional widgets that can be added include:

Sidbar tab - a discrete, but easily accessible widget that can be placed anywhere on your site providing easy customer access to both reviews and Q&A
Review slider - a carousel of recent reviews which can be linked to the full page Review Journal
Review Journal - a full page review page that shows off all reviews
Facebook tab - a dedicated review tab for facebook to show off all reviews to all your followers

The general installation instructions and code snippets for optional can be found in the HelpfulCrowd app under Display > Widgets

The Nuances of Widgets and Web Publishing Platforms/Services

Some of the eCommerce platforms we support can be independently used with a variety of different web publishing platforms, such as WordPress, Squarespace, WIX etc

Whilst we always attempt to ensure 100% compatibility across all platforms, each publishing platform has it's own nuances as to how it works or how scripts are to be loaded. As such, HelpfulCrowd cannot guarantee the interoperability across the vast array of different web publishing services that exist.

Where possible, we will highlight known nuances and any work arounds that exist or are possible to still ensure an optimum end user experience.

Updated on: 27/07/2022

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