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Recommended Product Promotions

The Recommended Products feature helps you sell more by discretely promoting offers in Thank-you emails your customers may be interested in.

Recommended Product Email Widget

Key feature points: 

The recommended product widget can be embedded in all HelpfulCrowd email templates
Up to 10 products can be selected
Products will be displayed in the widget in the order selected
The widget will only display a minimum and maximum of 3 valid products
The widget will not be shown in the email if there are less than 3 valid products or the promotion dates are not valid
Products in the order that the email relates to will automatically be excluded from the display widget

3 steps to building a Recommended Product promotion:

Create the Recommended Product promotion
Customize promotion
Add promotion to email templates

Go to Marketing
Click Create on the Recommended Products card

Marketing Menu

2. Customize Promotion

Give it a Name
Enable promotion text if wish to add call-to-action promotions
Add products - if applicable, add marketing text and customize background and text color
Customize widget Title
Select Title alignment
Choose promotion Start / End dates

Recommended Product Card

Success splash screen

Copy the promotion code
Go to the Review email templates
Paste the code into the email where you would like the widget to appear

Recommended Product (RP) promotion added to Positive Thank you email template

Pro Tip: Layer and stack multiple promotions to run at different times knowing that they will only be shared when the promotion dates and/or coupons are active.

Updated on: 26/07/2022

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