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Business reviews

Business reviews are just important as product reviews. Some would argue more important, because it provides an overall review of your business and is the first reviews that customers may look at.

What are business reviews?

Business reviews are called by many names, such as Company reviews, Site reviews, Service reviews and Seller ratings. At the end of the day, they give the opportunity for you to showcase what customers think about your business overall and your service.

How can they be collected and displayed?

Business reviews can be collected two different ways:

Anonymously on your website on the sidebar and review journal widgets
After purchase via review request emails

They can then be displayed and shown off in the Sidebar and review Journal widgets as you can see in the screenshots below.

1. Collecting and displaying on the Sidebar and review journal widgets

Business reviews are collected in the same way that product reviews are collect on the website. Below is an example of how the review tabs appear and your site for the sidebar and review journal.

Collapsable Sidebar widget

Review Journal widget

For display, you also have full control to change the order of the tabs and have the business reviews tab first and then the product reviews tab.

2. Collecting after purchase

You have full control over when to send a review request for a business review or product review.

There are 2 steps in configuring the review requests for business reviews:

Set the percentage (%) of review requests that should be sent to collect business reviews
Review and update the business review email template

1. Setting the percentage (%) of business review requests

This is configured in Collection > Email templates > Settings section in the app. You can choose to send review requests for only products, or a percentage of review requests for business as well. The app will then send the series of review requests for either product or business based on this configuration.

2. Review and update the business review request template

This is configured in Collection > Email templates > Business reviews.

Similar to the product review requests, you have full control over the email template content and also settings when to send and not send.

You have different settings on when to send the business review request. As an example, you may wish to send product review requests 10 days after the order is placed, but send the business review request within a day of the order being placed. This allows you to tailor the emails and have different flows, timings and content depending on whether it is a product or business review request flow.

Last but not least, the business review feature lets you connect your Google and Facebook accounts in our app. You can also reply and comment on your Google reviews and publish both the Google and Facebook reviews on the Sidebar and Review Journal widgets right alongside your own business reviews on your website.

Updated on: 26/07/2022

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