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OpenAI ChatGPT + HelpfulCrowd

OpenAI ChatGPT + HelpfulCrowd

HelpfulCrowd was (and still is) the only Review app to leverage the power of AI using Amazon's Rekognition service in our ContentVision™️ to protect brand reputation by automatically identifying and suppressing high risk profane images.

You can now leverage the power of Open AI's ChatGPT to help build deeper customer relationships, insights and expand on rich content with three (3) new features.

SentimentGenie™️ automatically analyses the review content and and and as it's name suggests, provide a sentiment rating. It is a powerful tool when used with the Autopublish feature, providing an extra level of control over which reviews are automatically published or pending for review.

Titles are a great way for visitors short on time to get an a 'themematic' feel for review content without reading the full review. It's also great for SEO, but unfortunately, not all customers add a title to their review. This game has now changed with TitleGenie.

TitleGenie™️ analyses the review and provides a rich, suggested summary review title if the customer has not submitted a title with the review. This creates a more engaging interaction with visitors.

The title is suggested in the same language as the review and can be edited further if needed ❤️

Save time and build deeper, loyalty relationships with customers with ReplyGenie™️ when replying to a customer review.

ReplyGenie™️ when summoned, will provide a rich, personalised reply to the customers review in seconds. You can then edit the reply and publish the reply, maintaining full control over the content.

ReplyGenie™️ builds immediate loyalty with the customer and even replies in the same language as the review and creates a personal touch by including:
Customers name
Product reviewed
Star rating

You can further customise the type of reply including:
Reply tone (natural, warm, funny etc)
Reply length
Suggest refund if less than 3 star rating

Try out the above new features today be heading over to the app and enabling the service under Moderation > Settings.

Example of GenieAI features powered by ChatGPT

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Updated on: 09/10/2023

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