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PaCE™️ Best Practice Tips

PaCE™️ opens up an entirely new way to drive customer loyalty in the review collection process, increasing repeat sales and boosting review collection rates.

Given the flexibility and powerful uses, we've compiled a set of best practices and considerations to bear in mind. 

Create reusable or unique discount coupons on the eCommerce Platform for the exclusive use with PaCE™️
Start simple - get comfortable by creating one promotion and one coupon first before getting more sophisticated
Tease - be suggestive and tease the customer in the first and second review request emails by alluding that a special offer is waiting 'just for them' when they submit a review. Do not overstate or mislead customers and always try to exceed their expectations
Surprise customers - by not suggesting that they will receive a coupon or incentive for submitting a review in the first and second review request email, and then surprise them by including a promotion in the Thank-you email templates. This also usually avoids the requirement to flag a review as being incentivized.
Maintain consistency - if you include a promotion in the Positive Thank-you email template, include the same or a higher value promotion in the Critical Thank-you email template
Get creative - think about how you can nudge the customer to take action to create repeat sales. Try different text and promotions and see the results.
Err on the side of caution - if you don't know whether incentivized reviews need to be highlighted to visitors, err on the side of caution

We recommend that each merchant research any relevant and applicable laws and seek legal counsel in respect of the use of collecting reviews with incentives and whether such reviews need to be flagged accordingly to other shoppers and visitors.

With our without incentives, HelpfulCrowd has one of the highest, if not the highest like-for-like review collection rates of any review provider.

Updated on: 05/03/2021

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