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What makes PaCE™️ superior to competitor solutions for sharing Coupons?

It is a simple affair to include a reusable or static coupon in any email template. But if you are looking for more flexibility and control over what coupons are issued, when, then PaCE™️ is the answer.

Competitor Offerings

Many competitor offerings require constant monitoring and administration of promotions and associated coupons. This results in more time and cost and also the possibility of errors occurring with incorrect or expired coupons being shared accidentally with customers.

PaCE™️ eliminates the constant administration and accidental issuance of coupons.  We do this be ensuing that that a coupon or sales/promotion messaging is ONLY shared with the customer in the review collection process if the Promotion is active AND if relevant, the attached Coupon is active.

Why Use Coupons With Promotions

The PaCE™️ Promotion Engine allows you to share discount coupon codes, either reusable or unique, at different times or if specific conditions are met. The conditions can be varied, but in their simplest form they can be:

valid promotion dates e.g. valentines day
available coupons e.g. coupon limits
coupon issuance on first customer order only or all customer orders

It is also possible to 'stack' promotions in email templates, so that a new promotion starts when a previous one ends. You can also have two promotions running simultaneously, but have different criteria, such as order value, issuing different value coupons and promotional text for different order values.

There are several features and benefits that PaCE™️ provides, both for running promotions and also managing coupons.

PaCE™️ Promotion Features

Below are just some of HelpfulCrowds Promotion Engine features in PaCE™️.

Set-up and running promotions:
      a) with customized messaging
      b) between specific dates
Automatically suspend promotions if the attached coupons have expired i.e. because of date or all coupons have been issued
Attach different promotions to different email template touch points for the same customer
Option to flag reviews as being incentivized on the storefront – a legal requirement in some countries or states in some countries

PaCE™️ Coupon Features

Below are just some of HelpfulCrowds Coupon Engine features in PaCE™️.

Issue coupons based on a Reusable (static) or Unique (single issue/dynamic) coupon codes
Issue coupon code only for the first customer order, or all customers orders
Limit issuance of coupons based on quantity
Only issue coupons between specific dates

Updated on: 05/03/2021

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