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Facebook: Product Reviews

NOTE: Facebook has unfortunately updated their policy and only allows FB pages with more than 2,000 likes to add a custom Reviews Tab to a business pages site. If you have less than 2,000 likes, you will not be able to install this feature.

Facebook is one of the best and easiest ways to extend your brand and product reach to literally '000's of potential customers. With Facebook: Product Reviews, your Facebook audience will never miss another review. We'll also automatically update the reviews displayed in the Facebook: Product Reviews whenever they are published on your storefront.

Screenshot: Facebook: Product Reviews tab

If you're using the Media Reviews feature all published photos will automatically be published and viewable on Facebook: Product Reviews, creating even more engagement and time spent on your pages. 

To create the easiest buying experience for shoppers we've also inserted direct shopping links back to the product pages

So let's get started and show you how easy it is to install and configure.

1. Setup steps for HelpfulCrowd Reviews Facebook Tab

Goto Marketing > Social Channels > Share on Facebook
Enable the Reviews Facebook Tab by turning the toggle Reviews Tab on Facebook Page

You now will be sharing all of your product reviews on a dedicated Facebook tab.

Screen capture: Enabling Facebook: Product Reviews

2. Changing the Product Reviews tab name in Facebook

When you install the Facebook: Product Reviews tab it will have a default name of Product Reviews. You can change this name at any time. Here's how.

While on your Facebook page:

Goto Settings
Select Edit Page
Scoll down the page until you find the Product Reviews tab
Click on the tab Settings
Click on Edit Settings
Type the new name in the Custom Tab Name field
Click Save
Click Okay

Refresh the Facebook Page and the new tab name will display.

3. Changing the Product Reviews tab location in Facebook

When you install the HelpfulCrowd tab it is usually installed as the last tab. You can change the location of the tab and move it (and others) around to your preferred layout. Here's how.

Whilst on your Facebook page:

Goto Settings
Select Edit Page
Scoll down the page until you find the Product Reviews tab
Click, hold on the three bars on the Product Reviews tab bar
Drag up or down to new locaton

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Updated on: 29/07/2022

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