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Helpful Popup

The Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) is a strong emotional instinct. Customers want what other customers have, and it's also a great way to build immediate trust.

The Helpful Popup widget does just this. It shows off the latest reviews and orders using a discrete modal that can be placed anywhere on screen. It immediately makes your store more legitimate and trustworthy.

Popup notifications are a powerful way to promote products and speed up sales. And, because the world of eCommerce is a “winner-takes-all” environment, even small advantages add up over time.

No one wants to lose the chance to try out something that’s worked for others “like them” – that’s the whole idea behind social proof.

Example of Helpful Popup on demo store

Helpful Popup Setup

The Helpful Popup widget is still in Beta trial, but you can start using it and reap the benefits. Any suggestions or feedback is highly appreciated, which you can email us here :)

Goto Display > Widgets > Helpful Popup)

Enable either Reviews or Orders (or both)

Customize settings


The Helpful Popup will now start appearing on your website. You can now customize how it works and where it shows on your site with the ton of controls we've added.

Customization options

You have full control over both what default text you want to use for the Popups and also design elements.

The General tab is where you can choose how the widget works onsite.

Position - It will let you set the side of the screen from where the Popup should appear i.e. Bottom Left, Bottom Right, Top Left & Top Right.

Show the first popup after x seconds - Set the time of when the first Popup should appear after page load

Show the next popup after x seconds - Set the time between when a first Popup disappears, and the next one appears.

Show the popup for x seconds - Set how long the Popup widget displays on screen before disappearing.

Show a maximum of popups per page - Set the maximum number of popups that should appear per page.

Show popups from the last x days - Set to display the Popups from the specified past days i.e. 30 days, 60 days, or 90 days.

Auto-embed on storefront - If enabled, widget will be auto-injected on eCommerce platforms. Custom app installs will need to manually add the code to their theme.

The Template tab is where you customize the popup template for the popup content to display. There is one template for Reviews and a seperate template for Orders, so you have full control over the different messages.

TIP: If your store is only starting and you're not getting orders every day or two, you might want to hide the {{ order_time }} variable in the template. The same applies to reviews. An order placed 60 days ago doesn't have the same FOMO effect as an order being placed (without a timeframe).

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Updated on: 18/08/2022

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