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How are plans billed?

HelpfulCrowd plans are designed to give you access to all premium features as standard together with maximum flexibility and value. 

Your plan may be either based on the number of products in your catalog or the number of review requests sent in a month. 

Usually eCommerce stores will be based on products and local business services, such as business reviews, will be based on email review requests. 

Plans based on email review requests or Orders have a fixed minimum monthly fee which automatically includes a fixed number of emails. The emails included in this fee are called In-plan emails. 

If at any time during any month you run out of In-plan emails, then Out-of-plan emails will automatically be applied to ensure that review requests can be sent for all orders. 

In-plan emails - a fixed number of emails in the month that are included within the base monthly plan cost. The number of In-plan emails varies depending on active plan.
Out-of-plan emails - extra orders needed in-excess of the In-plan emails for the month. These are automatically applied in bundles of 50 emails as and when needed if actual email requests needed in the month exceed the In-plan emails. The cost for Out-of-plan emails varies depending on the active plan.

There are currently a number of different plans available, catering for all business types, from startup to high-volume, so there's something for everyone.

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Updated on: 09/03/2021

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