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How do Ratings & Reviews work?

HelpfulCrowd is one of the simpliest, easiest, yet most powerful platforms for collecting, curating and sharing your best Ratings & Reviews.

Here's how Ratings and reviews work for online orders.

Online order placed
First review request sent - after a set number of days (your choice) depending on the trigger rule you have specified (again, your choice), the customer receives a review request via email
Reminder review request sent (optional) - if the customer doesn't reply to the first request or there are outstanding reviews for items on the order, HelpfulCrowd can be configured to automatically send a review request reminder
Collect - we'll notify you by email when a customer leaves a review and whether it requires action
Curate  - add comments or reply directly and privately to the customer
Share - publish your best reviews to the storefront and share on your social channels with social push

Note: HelpfulCrowd strongly recommends that all relevant product reviews are published to the storefront. This creates trust and builds credibility for your business's reputation. Read about our Auto Publish feature and check out our blog on a regular basis to read our articles covering many topics including how to best manage negative reviews

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Updated on: 09/03/2021

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