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Can I temporarily deactivate HelpfulCrowd?

Sometimes you may wish to temporarily deactivate HelpfulCrowd or some of its features.

This can be done without uninstalling the App. 

There are two options which can be used together or seperately:

Deactive backend - to temporarily stop sending review requests
Deactive storefront - to hid the app in the storefront

Both features are accessed under Settings > General |App Status

Deactivate backend

This will put all scheduled review requests on hold. We will keep generating new requests based on incoming order information but these requests will have on hold status by default and will not be sent automatically (however, you will be able to send them manually if needed).

Disabling backend does not affect how HelpfulCrowd modifies your website and all reviews and Q&A will be displayed as before.

Customers who have already received your requests can still provide reviews. 

Once you have completed the maintenance work you should reactivate backend. After this, all new requests will resume to be scheduled normally, however, existing requests with on hold status will stay on hold until you cancel or send them. For convenience there is also a button to send them all together. 

Deactivate storefront

This will hide the HelpfulCrowd widgets from being displayed on your website until you decide to reactivate storefront. All other features (such as sending review requests etc) continue to operate normally.

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Updated on: 01/08/2022

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