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The Review Journal

The Review Journal page is a great way to show all your reviews on a single page. It's a great page to use on it's own or in conjunction with Review Slider

Displaying all reviews on a single page allows shoppers to quickly read multi-product reviews and even view photos and videos uploaded by customers.

Review Journal Setup Steps

Goto Display > Widgets > Premium
Expand the Review Journal section
Copy and paste the relevant javascript snippets depending on how you wish to display Review Journal on the page - either as a standalone full page or within a container on the page:

As the last element on a webpage - simply copy and past the snippet in the section Embed with code snippet into the <head> tag of the page

In a specific location or container on the page - in addition to the <head> code snippet above, copy and paste the Embed wrapper tag snippet inside the <body> tag at the desired location or the web asset container

Screenshot: Location of Review Journal Snippets

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Updated on: 29/07/2022

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