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Scheduling review requests for online orders

HelpfulCrowd automatically converts online orders into review requests. Requests are delivered to customers via email which are scheduled and sent automatically based on set of customisable tools by the member - a set number of days after a trigger event.

There are two types of email requests - first and reminder.  We've already created some default text for the email templates to get you started right out-of-the-box after installing HelpfulCrowd, however we recommend personalising them for your specific customer base.

First email

First email request has the following customisable rules: 

Trigger event -  defines which of the order statuses should trigger a review request email to be scheduled. Current options include order is placed, order is paid (default), order is shipped, or order is delivered
Number of days - defines number of days to wait before a scheduled request is sent (default: 7 days)

Reminder email (optional)

If a request has been already sent for a specific order, follow-up emails will be based on the reminder email template. The reminder email has these customisable rules:

Enabled / Disabled - whether or not to send an automatic reminder email. Options are enabled (default) or disabled
Number of days - the number of days to wait after first email is sent before the reminder email is sent (default: 5 days)

For single-product orders the reminder email is only sent if the customer hasn't written a review. 

For multiple-product orders the reminder email is only sent for those products that haven't been reviewed. No reminder email is sent if all the products on the order have been reviewed.

We recommend taking time to customise the reminder email template even if you disable it, as it will be still possible to manually send reminder emails for individual requests (see below).

Overriding scheduling rules

It is possible to override scheduling rules for individual emails from Reviews > Review requests

These actions can be performed both on first and reminder emails.

If the customer does not respond to automatic emails, you can also use the send now button to request a review once again. 

All messages after the first sent email will always be based on reminder email template. We do not recommend sending more than 2 or 3 emails per request.

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Updated on: 28/07/2022

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