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Personalise Social Push (Q&A) template

You want your Q&A pushed to your social channels to look just right, to communicate the right information and to engage followers right? Something like the screenshot below perhaps?

Read on to find out how to personalise your best Q&A to share on your social channels.

Screenshot: here's just one example of what a customised social template can produce

We'd normally pre-populate the template with some text to help get you started, but it's against Facebook and Twitter rules ;-(  Don't worry though, we've provided some sample text below instead

Copy and paste the following text into the social sharing templates

Check out the answer to the question asked by customer_name] about [product_name]

Update and customise other text or using placeholders as you require

Placeholder fields automatically update and insert dynamic values during the posting process. You can use any of the placeholders below, but it is important to note that the placeholders must be in English and with [ ] brackets.

Preview and re-edit 4. Save when happy!

Note: Twitter has a character limitation, so try to keep the template short and sweet!

Screenshot: a saved social sharing Q&A template

Once you've updated the social push template for reviews, you're ready to shout out to the world!

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Updated on: 28/07/2022

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