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How long does it take to install and setup HelpfulCrowd?

HelpfulCrowd is easily and quickly installed - less than a minute! 

After HelpfulCrowd has been connected to your online store, it will automatically start generating reviews after the very next online order is received.

HelpfulCrowd works out-of-the-box, but for a more personal, branded experience, HelpfulCrowd can also be quickly customised using our unique setup guide

The setup guide walks you through some of the most common customised features include:

Global settings - logo, store name, timezone
Email templates - Review, Thank-you and Q&A
Review request send triggers - order status's and time
Order import - send review requests for historic online orders - also called seeding
Review and Q&A migration - bring existing reviews from another platform
Social templates - for sharing on social channels

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Updated on: 08/03/2021

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