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How do you collect reviews and what is FRX™?

Reviews can be collected in real-time via two different customer engagement channels:

By email after purchase- sent automatically after a customer has made a purchase and some pre-configured conditions have been met i.e. x days after shipped, delivered etc.
Online on the storefront - via an online form on the specific product page

HelpfulCrowd has developed its own signature email experience to collect reviews called the Frictionless Review Xperience (FRX™). FRX™ provides an entirely secure and consistent user experience, even on Outlook mail clients. 

FRX allows customers to leave multiple reviews for products purchased in the same order. They can also submit reviews for previously purchased, unreviewed products. The ultimate result is a significant increase in the total number of reviews collected by HelpfulCrowd customers, with complete peace of mind of entirely secure end-to-end transaction - from initial email receipt to final review submission.

Reviews can also be left Online on the storefront by anyone. If the email address and product matches an 'open' review request in HelpfulCrowd, we will also automatically display the verified reviewer badge

Regardless of the channel used, the review collection process is simple, straight forward and secure resulting in more reviews being collected.

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Updated on: 09/03/2021

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