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Does HelpfulCrowd have Content Publishing Guidelines?

Yes. These outline the instances when content should not be published. 

If one or more of the following guidelines does not apply then the content should generally be published, including negative reviews, unless there is very good ethical, moral, legal or other reason.

All feedback (like reviews, questions, comments, media etc.) published on or via the HelpfulCrowd platform must comply with the Review and Question & Answer and following Content Publishing Guidelines. These apply to all HelpfulCrowd community members equally.

HelpfulCrowd Content Guidelines

Any feedback containing one or more of the following is considered as inappropriate:

Hate speech or threat of violence against a group or an individual - feedback contains hate speech or threat of violence against a group or an individual based on their gender, age, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation or religious beliefs.
Personally identifiable information - it is possible to identify and/or target feedback author or a 3rd person by information such as telephone number, email address or other internet service identity, home/work address etc. revealed via feedback.
Sexually explicit content - feedback contains sexually explicit or suggestive content.
Profanity or bad language - feedback contains language that is unacceptable for its target audience.
Unfair promotion of a competitor offering - feedback does not focus on the item in question and instead It allocates disproportionate attention to or is biased towards a competitor offering.
Irrelevant, misleading or contradictory content - feedback does not relate to the item in question, it is deliberately misleading, or is extremely inconsistent (e.g. one-star rating with a feedback 'I am very happy' or a five-star rating with a feedback 'I am very unhappy').
Something else - content is illegal in the country where the company it belongs to currently operates or is against HelpfulCrowd values like honesty and fairness.

Anyone can report content as inappropriate, but only the merchant to whom the report applies and HelpfulCrowd representatives are allowed to make decisions about it. In case of disagreement, HelpfulCrowd representatives will make a final determination.

It is best to apply common sense and be conservative if you are in anyway uncertain.

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Updated on: 08/03/2021

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