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ContentGuard Text™

ContentGuard Text™ gives you complete flexibility to create a customised list of words/phrases to automatically quarantine content if a match is found. It's scope includes reviews, Q&A and comments. You can create separate lists for profane and competitors words/phrases.

Quarantined content can be actioned by publishing or suppressing, giving you full control and ultimately preventing any inappropriate content being associated with your business.

ContentGuard Text™ works like this:

Create a custom filter list of profane and competitor words/phrases that you would like to automatically filter
When a match is found, the content item is automatically suppressed (unpublished).  An email notification is sent and a corresponding ContentGuard report is generated and automatically marked and filed as resolved.
If the ContentGuard algorithm is unsure about whether the item should be suppressed, it will notify you via an email and request you to review and action the item manually. The content will remain publicly available until you moderate it.

A suppressed item can be reversed and published at any time.

ContentGuard Text™ setup

Goto Moderation > ContentGuard
Select Profanity filter dropdown
Enter the filter words or phrases. Remember to insert a comma between if on a single line) or at the end of each filter word or phrase (if on separate lines)
Repeat steps 2-4 for Competitor filter


ContentGuard Text™ works with Reviews, Q&A and comments
An item will automatically be captured by ContentGuard regardless of case i.e. upper or lower case
An item will automatically be captured by ContentGuard if is contained with a larger string e.g. if you entered a filter word such as blendtec and the content submitted contained the word blendtec_s_ then the item would be captured by ContentGuard
Filter words/phrases can be entered either on a single line separated by commas or on separate lines with a comma at the end of each filter item
An email notification is sent automatically notifying of any reported inappropriate content
A suppressed (quarantined) item can be unsuppressed at anytime simply by publishing

Screen capture: creating filter items

Moderating ContentGuard items

Viewing and actioning an open ContentGuard item

This is how to action a ContentGuard item that has not been automatically resolved by the ContentGuard HelpfulBot.

Click on View Report in the email notification
Review the Reported Item by clicking on the provided link
Make a decision and action - either Accept the recommendation (to suppress) or Reject to publish the item.

Note: If Auto publish is enabled the item is automatically published and remains published unless you subsequently Accept the recommendation and suppress the item.

Screenshot: example of email notification containing an Open ContentGuard item requiring actioning

Screen capture: how to action an Open item (review)_

Publishing a previously suppressed item

Goto to the relevant Moderation screen - reviews or Q&A
Filter for Suppressed items
Select Publish for relevant item

Screen capture: example of publishing suppressed review

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Updated on: 28/07/2022

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