We thought we'd share some examples of how our resident business owner, Fred has selected his plan.

Fred is currently on the Handful plan, which has the following components:

In-plan orders: 50 orders for $5.00 per month
Out-of-plan bundle:  50 orders for $2.50 per bundle

Example 1 : 48 actual orders

Storeowner Fred has just signed up with HelpfulCrowd and estimates he will usually process about 40 orders a month. He has chosen the Handful plan as it includes the first 50 orders for the fixed monthly charge of $5.00.

During the second month of using HelpfulCrowd he processes 48 actual orders online.
The actual orders processed in the month are less than the Handful plan quota of 50,
Fred will not have anything more to pay than $5.00.

Example 2 : 97 actual orders

Fred is coming into the holiday season and his business is picking up, which is fantastic. He estimates that his monthly orders will be around 90 orders a month during the holiday season. He has chosen to stay with the Handful plan for the timebeing.

In the current month he processes 97 actual orders.
The actual orders processed in the month exceed the Handful plan quota of 50.
Fred needs one (1) bundle of 50 out-of-plan orders to cover the 97 actual orders processed (50 in-plan orders + 1 bundle of 50 out-of-plan orders = 100 orders)
Fred will be billed the additional charge of $2.50 in the next billing cycle.
Fred could have chosen to move to the Boxful plan with a fixed bundle of 200 orders, but he has saved $2.50 by remaining on the Handful plan and only paying for what he needed - one bundle of out-of-plan orders.

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