Have you ever had a customer who said "please never contact me or send me email". Perhaps they have previously unsubscribed from a mailing list or newsletter so they expect to be added to a suppression list for all emails from your store. And whilst review requests are technically transactional in nature and not marketing, you want to keep the customer happy right?

The great news is you can quickly and easily add email addresses in HelpfulCrowd on the email suppression page so that your customers will not receive requests.

Set-up steps

  1. Add customer email address to suppression list
  2. Customers will automatically be excluded from receiving future review requests

You can also easily re-subscribe a customer if they were accidentally added by mistake or suppression is no longer required.

Customer initiated suppression

Customers can also unsubscribe themselves and manage their email subscription settings from the footer of all emails sent. 

Customers who have added their email to the suppression list also appear in the suppression list, however you are not able to edit or resubscribe the customer, only the customer can. 

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