As an email recipient, it's always nice to be given the choice of whether you continue to receive emails of a particular nature. It's also good for your reputation and for building respectful and lasting customer relationships.

For this reason, all review request emails sent by HelpfulCrowd contain an unsubscribe link.

When a customer unsubscribes, it immediately:

  • cancels the review request that they unsubscribed from; and
  • unsubscribes the customer from any future review request emails.

The screenshot below shows an example of what an unsubscribed review request looks like in the Review request screen of the app when the customer has actioned the unsubscribe link.

You can also see which customers have unsubscribed in the Email suppression tool by going to Tools > Email suppressions. You can also add email addresses so they don't receive future emails.

Screenshot: Email suppression

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