If you like to have full control over which reviews are published or perhaps you like to add comments to reviews and then publish, then find out how quick and easy it is with HelpfulCrowd.

Review publishing works like this:

  1. Customer writes review and it is given the status of Pending
  2. We notify you by email that a new review has been received with a direct link to moderate
  3. Click on the link (or open the APP) to view, comment and publish
  4.  Using Social Push you can also share the review on connected social channels (optional)

Points to note:

  • All pending reviews can be published with 1-click
  • Reviews can be unpublished at any time
  • Comments can be added and published against reviews after they have been published at anytime
  • Comments against reviews can be updated and re-published at anytime
  • A review can be un-published and then published at any time
  • If Auto Publishing is enabled a notification email is sent and the review is automatically published

Screen capture: Publishing, adding a comment, deleting a comment and unpublishing a review

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