This varies significantly from member to member, but most HelpfulCrowd members have review collection rates in excess of 10% and it is common for our members to have review collection rates in excess of 20%. 

There are many factors that influence review collection rates including:

  • Industry or sector
  • Product type
  • Value of products
  • Context of review request email
  • Email deliverability

HelpfulCrowd utilises it's very own Frictionless Review Xperience (FRX™) which delivers one of the highest and industry leading review conversional rates, which means more reviews for your business.

HelpfulCrowd customers achieves these results through the HelpfulCrowd platform which delivers:

  • Mobile first and consistent collection experience - regardless of email client or platform
  • The ability to request multiple reviews in one single email for an order that contains multiple product purchases
  • Our unique Review Inertia™ which minimises and reduces 'review shock'
  • Removal of all 'distractions' in review request emails - we don't do recommended product footers
  • A single rating score - rate your experience
  • No requirement for a 'fall back' or alternative collection experience for Outlook or other mail clients that fail to display in-email forms correctly and have 'security' pop-ups
  • Peace of mind with full end-to-end security from review initiation to review submission

If your not using HelpfulCrowd then you're missing out on reviews.

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