Why is the Question & Answer feature important?

Whilst every business does it's best to provide a complete, informative detailed overview of their business, products and services, it is common for visitors to seek additional information. 

These occasions provide a unique, possibly one-off only opportunity, to build a relationship with a visitor during their purchase decision process.

Q&A is one of the most important, but unfortunately neglected tools used by businesses to convert shoppers to customers. It is also one of the best ways to reduce loads and cost on customer service teams and at the same time build a relevant, lasting, informative and always accessible on-the-fly FAQ for prospective customers. Last but not least, Q&A creates stacks of additional, unique content loved by all search engines!

How does the Questions & Answer platform work?

Q&A works like this:

  1. Question asked - by shopper
  2. Email notification - that you've received a new question
  3. Answer - action the question by answering and publishing it to the storefront. Alternatively reply privately and directly through the HelpfulCrowd Smart Email Assistant

The above actions are all done through the HelpfulCrowd Q&A platform.

Leveraging Questions & Answers

First impressions always count, especially online. With Q&A you can immediately impress and build a relationship with your prospective customers by following these simple guidelines:

  1. responding promptly to questions
  2. going over and above by not only providing a relevant and informative response but with extra information and detail

You may not hear from your visitor after you have answered their question, but you can easily and quickly follow-up at a later time with the  Smart Email Assistant.

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