Many of our members have businesses that have offline orders. They attend trade shows or have drop-in orders off the street. 

As these orders aren't processed online review requests aren't automatically sent, which is why we created the offline order import tool.

Review requests can be sent for offline orders either as:

  • Single requests - web form entry for single requests
  • Bulk upload import - for importing multiple offline orders

Single request

To create a single request, goto Reviews > Review Requests  + New request

The + New request button is in the top right hand corner of the app screen.

Screenshot: Action for creating single offline review request

The New review request screen will open. Just complete the fields, select the product and schedule date and thats it! The review request will be automatically queued.

Screenshot: Single offline review request

Pro tip: to send the review request immediately just select a date and time in the past.

Bulk request

To create a bulk request, goto Reviews > Review Requests  Bulk request

The Bulk request button is in the top right hand corner of the app screen.

The Bulk request screen will open. Choose the file you have formatted into .csv UTF-8 , upload it and all review requests will be automatically queued.

Read about formatting the file correctly into UTF-8 standard.

Screenshot: Bulk offline review request

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