If you are migrating from Yotpo or Shopify Reviews then you quickly and easily upload the product review file they gave you using the YOTPO or Shopify export file directly in our uploader. If your currently on another platform then it's no problem, but will need a little more elbow grease ;-) 

You can easily import your existing product ratings & reviews into HelpfulCrowd in four easy steps:

  1. Export - your rating and review data from your existing platform
  2. Download - the HelpfulCrowd template
  3. Format - Use a spreadsheet application, such as Google Sheets (recommended) to edit and format your question and answer data from your existing platform into the HelpfulCrowd .csv file format in UTF-8 encoding
  4. Import - In the HelpfulCrowd App Go to Tools > Data import. Navigate to the section titled Import Reviews and upload the .csv file into HelpfulCrowd

HelpfulCrowd template fields

Before formatting and trying to import the file, please read and check the following:

  • Status and verified field values are case sensitive. They need to be entered in lowercase
  • Make sure your file is in valid CSV format with UTF-8 encoding
  • Use product codes with same #IDs as you see in the Product Catalog under Product column. Reviews for unrecognised products or incorrect codes will be rejected in the upload process
  • Only store owners in HelpfulCrowd can comment on reviews. You will be automatically assigned as the author for each imported comment
  • Only 'published' and 'archived' status are recognised in the import. All other status or values in this field will be ignored and the review status will be set to 'pending'. Pending reviews can be published or archived after import

Dates MUST be in the format one of following formats:

  • 2011/05/19
  • 2011-05-19
  • 2011-05-19 10:30:14 EST

Here is a short video showing how to correctly format the dates using Google Sheets and the yy-mm-dd format:

NB: Incorrect date formats or a blank date filed will result in the line item being rejected and requiring re-processing.

Importing verified reviews

You can instruct HelpfulCrowd to import certain reviews as verified by setting the Verified column value to Yes. Use No in this column (or simply leave it blank) for reviews that are not verified.

Note: Keep in mind that it's in your best interests to ONLY mark as verified reviews that are already verified on previous platform as older versions of your web pages may remain cached by different search engines and it may be possible to check whether or not the review previously had a verified badge.

Screenshot: Import reviews

Remember to select either YOTPO or Other when importing.

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