After connecting HelpfulCrowd with your Squarespace site we start the process of importing all of the Squarespace Inventory items - physical, digital, service and giftcards.

The least you need to know

  1. We will automatically import all Squarespace inventory items shortly after connecting HelpfulCrowd to your Squarespace store
  2.  Changes to inventory and inventory item details are initiated by refreshing the browser while on the Squarespace Inventory browser page after saving changes
  3. Deleted inventory items will automatically be archived in our app refreshing the browser while on the Squarespace Inventory browser page after saving changes
  4. We will stop collecting and displaying reviews for any hidden and archived catalog items in HelpfulCrowd
  5. Only published HelpfulCrowd catalog items are counted towards our paid plans 

Updating Inventory Item and Details

If you make any changes to items in your inventory, then you need to resync HelpfulCrowd to ensure that we have the latest status and also details of inventory products.

So how do you this?


  1. Make all the changes to the items AND while still logged into the Squarespace Admin panel (Inventory, Pages, Design...anywhere) 
  2. REFERSH the browser page. 

Here's where to find the browser refresh button in Firefox. 

Refreshing the browser tells us there have been inventory changes. We then update the HelpfulCrowd product catalog based on those changes.

Here's some of the things we will check and update: 

  • Item name
  • Item status i.e. deleted
  • Item thumbnail image

 Changing Squarespace Item Status
You can change the status of the product on the Item menu item on the product card.

Any deleted products in the Squarespace inventory will automatically be changed to the archived status in HelpfulCrowd, as indicated in the screenshot below.

Note: HelpfulCrowd doesn't collect reviews or show reviews on the storefront pages for hidden or archived products. 

You can also manually manage the status of products in HelpfulCrowd. Note, that this doesn't change the status of items in the Squarespace Inventory. 

The hidden status is usually used for items that you don't want to collect or show reviews for, such as gift cards or warranty items.

The archived status is usually reservced for items that are either deleted or will no longer be stocked and sold.

Good news is that even if you make a mistake and delete an items in the Squarespace inventory, we'll keep all reviews associated with it so the reviews aren't lost...forever.

Updating Squarespace Thumbnail Images
The Squarespace item thumbnail image can be changed under the Options menu on the product card. 

Delete the existing image and then upload a new replacement image.

Refresh the browser and then we'll start the resync process to update your catalog in HelpfulCrowd.

Follow a similar process to update the product title.

As always, if  you have any problems then please reach out to us through our chat channel. Generally speaking, product updates should take no longer depending than 5 minutes, depending on the size of your Inventory. 

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