Some business like a minimal look, some liked detailed. Learn how to hide and show the Filter and Search features on the Product Tabs widget. 

What is the Filter and Search feature

The filter and search features allow visitors to quickly find the reviews and Q&A times that they are most interested in. The search feature will show results for any content that matches the search term, whereas the filter will return results based on the sorting or order selected.

 Both of these features live on the main Product Tabs widget.  The screenshot below shows the Product Tabs widget with these features enabled on the reviews tab.

 And below is what the widget looks like with the features hidden. 

How to hide/show review Summary Chart

  1. Go to Settings > Widgets | Product Tabs
  2. Enable or disable Hide overview sections
  3. Save

Note: Shopify sites may take up to 30 seconds to update. Refresh site pages after 30 seconds.

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