Reviews are all about building trust and sharing authentic customer experiences with other visitors. In the day and age when more than 25% of all reviews posted online are fake, nothing can convey and build more trust with visitors than a clear, simple reassuring message that all reviews they are browsing are real. 

Adding a key message to your Reviews tab can significantly build trust. Adding a key title to the Q&A widget is also a great way to encourage customers to seek clarification on a product prepurchase and also create rapport and start building a relationship.

Here's some examples title you can use. 


  • All reviews published, good, bad and ugly
  • Authentic customer reviews
  • '000's of reviews from real customers
  • Real reviews from real customers, just like you 


  • Ask us anything you want on this product
  • Got a question? Just ask
  • Not sure about something? Ask away
  • Need some more information? Ask us
  • Unsure about something? Ask us 

It goes without saying that you should always follow through on what you say.

How to add your own custom title on the Product Tabs widget.

  1. Go to Settings > Features | Product Tabs 
  2. Enable either Reviews & Ratings Tab or Questions & Answers Tab 
  3. Add custom text 
  4. Save

Note: Shopify sites may take up to 30 seconds to update. Refresh site pages after 30 seconds.

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