What's the Product Listing Page?

The product listing page is usually either the page below the category page (if you use categories) or the page just above the specific product page. 

The Product Listing Widget is the review rating widget attached to the product, giving shoppers a quick overview of the product star rating and also number of reviews received.

A special note - it only shows if you have reviews for the product.

Here's an example of the Product Listing Rating widget below on a featured collection page.

The above widget is what we now called the 'summary' style. It shows a single star with the star rating and also the review count.

If desired, you can change this to the 'detailed' style, which shows the 5 stars, rating and also review count, as displayed in the screenshot below.

How to change

Changing the preferred widget display style is simple.

  1. Go to Settings > Widget | Product Rating
  2. Select either Summarized or Detailed
  3. Save

Note: Shopify sites may take up to 30 seconds to update. Refresh site pages after 30 seconds.

Summarized or detailed, you now have the best of both worlds to choose from ;-)

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