It's great to have multiple touch points for customers to leave reviews. Out-of-the-box HelpfulCrowd sends post purchase review requests via email on your behalf.

Another great touchpoint is to directly share a product review link with a customer with the physical shipped product.

How does it work?

  1. Share the unique product URL with your customers - thank-you card, invoice, product label, instruction guide  etc 
  2. Customer goes to URL and leaves a review on a simplified product page
  3. We mark the review as 'verified' if an open review request exists and the email for the review submitted is the same email used for the order

Note: Storefront reviews option needs to be enabled

Step 1 -  Get HelpfulCrowd Product URL Review Link

  1. Go to the Product menu and select the target product
  2. Click on the 'View on HelpfulCrowd' link

 This will take you a dedicated, simplified product page from where your customer can leave a review.

3. Copy the URL in the browser

Step 2 - Create shortlink

It's great to share a shorter, branded URL link for your review. We recommend using a service called Rebrandly for this. The great thing about Rebrandly is that after the link has been created, you can edit and update both source and target links. This is great if something changes in the future. 

Here's an example of the link above being shortened and branded with Rebrandly.

Protip: Add a QR code as the iphone camera can natively read QR codes which just provides another means for the customer to connect to the URL.

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