After creating the coupon in the eCommerce platform, the same coupon needs to be created in PaCE™️, so that they can be sent to customers and are honored in the eCommerce platform. 

Promotions are managed through the Promotion Dashboard and Coupons are managed through the Coupon Dashboard

As coupons are exclusively used with Promotions in PaCE™️, the Coupon Dashboard is accessed via, and resides within the Promotion Menu and Dashboard.

Coupon Creation

To create a coupon in PaCE™️ goto Tools > Promotions

  1. Click on Manage Coupon
  2. + New Coupon in the new window

Promotion Dashboard

Coupon Dashboard

1. Coupon Setup - Reusable

To create a Reusable coupon that mirrors the Reusable coupon created in the eCommerce platform, complete the following fields using the same coupon details from the eCommerce platform.

Reusable Coupon Fields

  1. Name - coupon name/description
  2. Code type - Reusable (Static)
  3. Code - coupon code created in eCommerce platform and to be used in checkout process e.g. love5%
  4. Limit - total number of codes to be issued
  5. Discount amount - number + symbol e.g. 5%
  6. Before - to place they symbol before the value e.g. $5
  7. Valid from - coupon start date - Day/Month/Year
  8. Valid until - coupon end date. Leave empty for no end date
  9. Send per - First Customer Order only or Every Customer Order
  10. Save - to save the template

After saving you can proceed to Step 3, creating the promotion.

Step 3: Create Promotion

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