Like many similar apps, HelpfulCrowd needs to add files and code to your store theme so that our app provides best experience for you and your customers. 

If you have uninstalled our app and HelpfulCrowd is still showing on your store pages, it's most likely because our code snippets haven't been removed from your theme.

This is how to remove our code so it doesn't show on your storefront.

Automatic store clean-up 

To simplify app removal process for you, we designed a store clean-up tool which will remove any automatically created files or injected code from your themes.

This only works with stores that have themes that we were able to automatically update when first installed.

If you're not sure, run the clean-up tool regardless before you uninstall our app.

If you have already uninstalled our app:

  • reinstall our app
  • run the store clean-up
  • uninstall our app 


Go to the widget console and open the Widget cleanup tool menu and click on Run Clean-up

If the clean-up was successful, you'll see a warning message at the top telling that no code is detected.

 Now you can uninstall HelpfulCrowd from your App dashboard in Shopify and HelpfulCrowd will be fully removed from your store.

If after running the clean-up tool, you are presented with the following screen, you will have to manually remove the HelpfulCrowd specific code snippets, as the code snippets are still live on your shop.

Removing HelpfulCrowd-specific code and files manually

To remove HelpfulCrowd entirely from your theme there are two steps:

  1. Removing inserted code snippets from the theme files
  2. Removing the HelpfulCrowd files

1. Removing inserted theme code snippets 

If the HelpfulCrowd automatically injected code snippets have been modified or if they have been added manually then they'll need to be removed manually.

A modified Shopify theme file will usually have a purple dot beside it, so this might help in shortlisting the files to first search in.

In the example above, you can see that this is the theme.liquid file and you can see the hc-styles code on the right.  We also include a starting and ending comment for our automatically injected files, so you can remove these as well if they are present.

Searching in the file

All HelpfulCrowd code snippets in files contain the following code:

{% include 'hc-
  1. Open the Shopify theme editor
  2. Look for files with a purple dot beside them 
  3. Open the file and search for the above code in that file (by pressing CTRL+F / CMD+F)
  4. If you locate the line of code which starts with the above code, delete the entire line (you can delete comment lines if they are present as well if you wish)
  5. Save the file

Rinse and repeat for each of the other files searching for the {% include 'hc-  term above.

2. Removing HelpfulCrowd files

The theme code snippets just removed look up specific HelpfulCrowd files which we automatically added to your theme on installing - with your permission of course ;-)

These files do not do any harm by themselves and an be left here, however you can remove them if  you think they are no longer needed.

These files are easier to locate and delete any file created by HelpfulCrowd as the file name will always start with "hc-" prefix.

  1. Open the Shopify theme editor
  2. Go to the Snippet section on the left hand menu
  3. Select a file starting with "hc-" and then delete

Rinse and repeat for each HelpfulCrowd file you find.

Uninstalling the app

Once you have completed store clean-up, you can now uninstall the app:

  • Go to your Shopify admin
  • Go to Apps menu
  • Locate HelpfulCrowd and click the delete button

If you uninstalled the app before running the store clean-up tool, you will need to can either re-install the app to try the automatic clean-up tool or alternatively proceed manually as described above.

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