Installing app

Go to and click Add App. App install should take a few seconds after which you will be taken to our setup guide in the HelpfulCrowd app dashboard. If you are not automatically taken to the setup guide, you can always find it under Tools > Setupguide.

Great! At this point HelpfulCrowd is installed on your store and your next customer can already leave a review.

Adding snippets to theme

Like many similar apps, HelpfulCrowd needs to add files and code to your store theme so that our app provides best experience for you and your customers. 

i) If your reviews aren't showing up on your site, it's probably because the snippets have not been added to your theme.
ii)  If you change themes, you'll need to do this again, as the snippets are only added to the current theme. 

Automatic installation

We try to do some heavy lifting for you with our automatic installer. You can check the status of our widgets and code at an time by going to our widget console in our app.

If we've been able to automatically install the snippets, you'll see a screen like this below, so you're good to start publishing your reviews and showing them off to you next visitors.

Automatic installation - troubleshooting

So that we can check that status of our widgets you need to have:

  1. At least 1 product published
  2. Storefront password must be disabled

If either of these issues are present, you may see the following screen instructing on the action to take. In the example below, the storefront is password protected and it needs to be disabled.

 If your theme is modified or not a free Shopify theme, then we may not be able to automatically inject our code. 

If this is the case, you'll probably see a screen like this below instructing you to proceed with the manual process.

Adding snippets manually

  1. Go to our Widget console
  2. Open menu item Add stylesheet and recommended widgets manually

When you open up this menu, you should see a screen like this below:

In this menu you will find a few code snippets that you need to be manually added to your theme. 

To do that you will now need to open your theme editor in your Shopify Dashboard. This is found under Online Store > Themes | Actions > Edit Code

Pro tip: Open theme editor in a new browser tab to simplify copying & pasting and also open your Storefront in a new browser tab so you can see the changes.

Now that you are in theme editor, it's time to add our code to your theme according to the instructions provided in the setup guide. For each of HelpfulCrowd code snippets, you will need to go through steps demonstrated in the following example.

Example - adding HelpfulCrowd stylesheet to current theme:

This is an easy one because every Theme has a standard theme.liquid file ;-)

  1. Go to setup guide page in HelpfulCrowd app
  2. Copy code snippet for HelpfulCrowd stylesheet:
{% comment %} HelpfulCrowd injected code. Please do not change or remove this and the next comment {% endcomment %}
{% include 'hc-styles' %}
{% comment %} HelpfulCrowd injected code. Please do not change or remove this and the previous comment {% endcomment %}

3. Go to Shopify theme editor
4. Find the theme.liquid file on the left hand side and open the file
5. Paste the code snippet just before the </head> tag  

6. Go back to setup guide page in HelpfulCrowd app
7. Click Check Installation button under the snippet you just embedded to make sure it was added successfully. It will turn green if it was! 

Now rinse and repeat for all the other code snippets...but bear in mind the following note.

SPECIAL NOTE: All other snippets, Product Summary / Product Tabs / Product Rating and Optional Widgets, need to be inserted into different files and specific locations in those files to display correct (or at all!) 

Only the HelpfulCrowd Stylesheet code should be added to the theme.liquid file.

We have done our best to make everything as automated as possible, but because every theme developer creates different themes and uses different techniques on how they build their themes, we cannot advise on which files the snippets need to be inserted into and which location. 

If you are uncomfortable or not sure about how to edit your theme, then either reach out to the theme developer, your Shopify expert or us to lend a hand!

A few things to keep in mind

  • Most (if not all) Shopify themes will have a theme.liquid file to add the stylesheet. However, based on your theme, you might need to work with files different from the ones shown in the example above or the instructions we provide inside the app.
  • Product Rating widget will be hidden until you receive and publish your first review. 
  • If you switch or change your theme, then you will need to add the HelpfulCrowd code snippets again, as they are only added to a current theme

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