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ContentGuard™ is a suite of tools that help you watchover and manage your content to help protect your business brand and reputation.

How does ContentGuard work?

ContentGuard utilises a number of methods to report and suppress content that falls outside the HelpfulCrowd Content Publishing Guidelines. These methods include automatic detection using customised word/phrase filters, Artificial Intelligence (AI) as well as giving you the tools to manually suppress and report inappropriate content.

The three products in the ContentGuard™ suite are:

  • ContentGuard Text™ - giving you complete flexibility to create a customised list of words/phrases that automatically scans and quarantines any matched content. It's scope includes reviews, Q&A and comments.
  • ContentGuard Vision™ - automatically detects images that could be considered inappropriate. It uses Artificial Intelligence algorithms to automatically quarantine a suspect image before it reaches your storefront.
  • ContentGuard Control™ - manual tools to facilitate the reporting and suppression of inappropriate content.

Quarantined content can be re-published at any time giving you full control of what does and doesn't reach the public domain.

The use of ContentGuard is strictly governed by the specific HelpfulCrowd Review, Q&A and Content publishing guidelines.

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