It's easy to get more social with our Social Push feature.

Screenshot: a review pushed to Facebook

Here's how Social Push works

  1. Review or Q&A item must first be published to storefront - either manually or using Auto Publish
  2. After it has been published, the review or Q&A item can be pushed to social channel(s) by clicking on the relevant social icon

Note: when an item is unpublished from the storefront (i.e. archived via HelpfulCrowd control panel) then all social posts attached to that review will also be unpublished. This may result in a loss of comments or other content attached to the post on your social channel.

Publishing content to other channels

We may not have 1-click share option for all the channels you use to promote your products but most social networks and messaging apps will still create a review or Q&A thumbnail if you use our magic link. It is available in the bottom right corner of your review or Q&A items:

  1. Click "Copy shareable link" button
  2. Paste the link in your post or a message.

If your app supports rich thumbnails, it should create one automatically. In case the thumbnail is not available, clicking the link will still take your customers to corresponding product page.

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