Engage shoppers on your home page (or anywhere for that matter) with the beautiful Review Slider. 

The Review Slider comes loaded with a set of advanced features for a beautiful, seamless integration on any site. 

It also has a call-to-action feature that can also be used to drive shoppers to target page or even to the HelpfulCrowd Review Journal - our widget that lets you show off all your reviews anywhere.

Review Slider Setup steps

To display the Review Slider in a specific location on the webpage you need to copy and paste a small snippet of code into the appropriate section on your site.

After the Review Slider is being displayed where you want it, you can then optionally configure the call-to-action feature.

Note: if a web developer has created your site you may need to ask them assistance.

Step 1 - Copying and pasting the snippet code

  1. Goto Settings > Widgets > Review Slider

2. Select and expand the specific Review Slider section

3a. Embedding using JavaScript snippet (recommended method)

There are two ways to display the Review Slider on a page using JavaScript -

  1. As the last element on the webpage - simply copy and past the snippet in the section Embed with code snippet into the <head> tag of the page
  2. In a specific location or container on the page - in addition to the <head> code snippet above, copy and paste the Embed wrapper tag snippet inside the <body> tag at the desired location or the webpage asset container.

3b. Embedding using iframe (alternative method)

If you only have the option of using an iframe, then simply copy and paste the Embed with code snippet into the iframe container.

If using the iframe method then you will also need to enable the Open products in new tab feature. This will ensure that a new window will be opened if the visitor clicks on any slider links. If not enabled, any visitor actions on the slider will result in a new window being opened inside the iframe itself.

Step 2 - Configuring the call-to-action feature (optional)

The call-to-action feature is an awesome way to drive shoppers to a specific webpage - a target conversion page, Review Journal or any other page.

The call-to-action appears as the last item in the Review Slider. In the screenshot below the default call-to-action text is displayed - Show all. This can be customised.

  1. Enable the call-to-action feature - this will display the new slider card at the end
  2. Customise the call-to-action text - optional
  3. Customise the call-to-action URL - optional. 

Note: The default option of the call-to-action URL will take the user to a HelpfulCrowd hosted page that displays all of your reviews. If you have have installed the HelpfulCrowd Review Journal widget, then you can enter the customer URL of this page instead. You can also use any other URL in this field to take the visitor to any other target page.

Pro tip: Use the Google URL Builder to track how many visitors use the feature.

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