Share the love (or say sorry) when you receive a review. 

Customers can give different types of reviews, which is why we have created two different templates that you can use - one for positive previews (4 & 5 rating stars) and one for critical reviews (3 rating stars and less). This gives you the flexibility to send different messages to customers depending on the star ratings and feedback.

Thank-you emails work like this:

  1. Customer submits review
  2. Depending on whether it is a 'positive' or 'critical' review, the customer receives a Thank-you email shortly after submitting their review

Pro tip - Static coupon codes generated on your E-commerce platform can be inserted in Thank-you emails to provide customers with Review Rewards to increase review conversions and create repeat business. 

Thank-you email Setup steps

  1. Goto Settings > Reviews > Email templates
  2. Select and expand the specific Thank-you email template you wish to customise - positive or critical
  3. Edit template
  4. Save

Screenshot: Positive Thank-you email template

Thank-you email template options:

  • Enable/Disable
  • Email subject - with dynamic placeholders
  • Email body - with dynamic placeholders

If you are thinking of using coupons in Thank-you emails, make sure to communicate this to your customers in both the first and reminder review request emails to increase review collection rates. To maintain maximum flexibility, we recommend not disclosing the amount of the coupon in the review request email, but allude to a 'special surprise' which creates curiosity.

And remember, best practice (and HelpfulCrowd agrees) when offering coupons, gifts or discounts in connection to reviews is to offer them for all reviews, regardless of ratings. At no time should they ever be offered in exchange for favourable or positive reviews only.

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