If a picture is worth a 1,000 words...how many is a video worth?

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Media Reviews are available as standard on all HelpfulCrowd plans.

With HelpfulCrowd Media Reviews, real customers can upload their own photos and videos of your products which has been proven to significantly increase buyers confidence and sales conversion rates over conventional stock images.

Up to 5 media items (photos or videos) in total can be uploaded with each review. Each video can be 30 seconds in length. You have full control over which media to publish to your storefront alongside the review.

Media reviews work like this:

  1. The customers has the option to take or seamlessly upload the media content on the fly - mobile, tablet or desktop
  2. If Auto Publish is enabled for both reviews and media, then all media content will automatically be published - it is possible to un-publish previously auto published media at a later time
  3. It is possible to disable Auto Publish for media content at Settings > Reviews, in the media reviews section. This will give you full control over when and what to publish when you want
  4. Published media items are displayed with as a thumbnail with the review and can be opened and perused in a lightbox

Media Reviews Setup steps

  1.  Goto Settings > Reviews 
  2. Enable or disable
  3. Save changes

Publishing and un-publishing media

If the review has been published, then any media content attached to that review can be manually un-published or published simply by selecting or de-selecting the media publish trigger.

Screen capture: Manually publishing and un-publishing media items

To manually publish or un-publish media items

  1. Goto Reviews > Moderation
  2. Goto the media review
  3. Select or de-select the icon associated with the media content

Media icons and published status

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